Ocean Dawn Security Services Catalogue
We pride ourselves on our service quality and customer satisfaction. We depend on your feedback so please do not hesitate to contact the management team for any compliments or complaints.

Physical Guarding

Ocean Dawn provides physical guarding to properties, persons as well as transportation of valuables. The physical guarding is carried out by employees who are experienced and trained in the specifics of the security service. All guards have passed physical and psychological tests as well as training courses for first aid rendering, fire extinguishing and security control in extreme circumstances.

Specialist Protection (VIP)

Ocean Dawn Specialist Protection (VIP) Services are known and respected for having sophisticated, high class and elite protective services. Our team of both male and female close protection officers are Discreet and Professional with a substantial amount of experience. œAll of the agents have previous experience in protecting high profile Dignitaries and Business Individuals. Our close protection officers are well trained in Threat and Risk Assessments accompanied by Close Protection Protocol and Etiquette. Each close protection officer can manage verbal and physical conflict without damaging their client’s reputation.

Response and Monitoring

The response teams realize a response reaction to any alarm signal or need of urgent assistance. Upon receiving a signal, the operators send at least two response teams. Every single response unit consists of a guard-driver and a security officer. All teams are equipped with pistols, Semi-Automatic rifles, portable radios, bullet-proof jackets, searchlights, hand-cuffs, company ID cards and other accessories.

Strategic Response Unit

Ocean Dawn's Strategic Response Unit consist of highly trained individuals who are tasked with protecting people and property under extreme conditions. Only the best of the best get promoted to the SRU. SRU team members are skilled in hand to hand combat and the use of semi-automatic weapons. Whether you are facing Riots or Violent Mobs, Ocean Dawn's SRU will be there to ensure the safety of your people and property. Do not leave your safety up to chance. Contact Ocean Dawn today for more information on our elite SRU team.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Ocean Dawn provides remote CCTV Monitoring as a service. It is not always feasible, due to physical environment or financial constraints, to have your own physical onsite guarding team. Our remote CCTV Monitoring service will provide you with a remote monitoring team that will monitor your environment 24x7x365 at a rate that is easier on your budget. The reaction team is dispatch in case of an incident.

Technical Division

Ocean Dawn is your one stop Security Equipment supplier and installer. We only use top rated equipment to secure your environment. CCTV installation, panic / distress buttons and alarm systems are all linked to our remote monitoring facility. The safety of you and your property is our number one priority. Our technical team is the best in the business. Let us make sure the job is done right the first time round.